paquets de needlepoint

The NEW revolution in Needlepoint Kits



Do you love small islands? Mountain tops? Great Lakes? Cabins in the woods? Perhaps your life is busy and you are traveling a lot for work or for love. Maybe your passion is mucking stalls and riding with your hair blowing in the wind. You might be the first one at the top of the ski mountain or the last one on the beach as the sun sets. Champagne on roof top bars? Millennial working crazy hours to make your dreams come true? Hygge homebody?

Perhaps you love the privacy and convenience of ordering from the magical internet. Perhaps you love great deals for the highest quality items...that show up on your doorstep wherever you may be.

Been stitching all your life or have a desire to try that gorgeous elegant art everyone is talking about on Instagram? Need a relaxing hobby to get you into your peaceful mindset while making cool stuff? Have ADD and need something to keep your hands busy while you binge watch The Crown? 

If you fall into any of these categories, we may have just what you are looking for!

Our products are made from the highest quality supplies available. We have sourced our contents from around the globe. Our canvas is the very best German made canvas on the market. Each design is hand-painted and stitch-painted. (This is important because it allows you to recreate the exact design of the artist with ease.) Our luxurious Swiss made silk and marino wool is from Silk and Ivory and our dazzling 100% silk fibers are made by Vineyard Silk. Our stunning Rainbow Gallery metallics are the best out there! We have joyfully just begun kitting with the gorgeous Planet Earth Fibers. Each paquet de needlepoint comes with the edges taped and two needles. Add scissors and you are ready for any stitching adventure.

We have personally hand-stitched samples of every one of these canvases to make sure we got it all right!! In some kits we add extra fibers so you can make color choices.

Our low overhead allows us to create kits made from the very best products and to sell them at the very best prices for our loyal and new customers. We have just added International Shipping. Let us know how we can get your paquets to you around the globe!

Wishing the very happiest 2019 and may you love stitching as much as we do!