Where did the summer go?

I had all these aspirations that I was going to become this prolific blog writer this summer. That is sort of my M.O.. It’s like telling myself I am going to give up candy two hours before eating a big bag of gummy bears. The intentions are there, they are very sincere at that very (little) moment and then they are gone and I am happily biting little orange legs of bears. One morning this summer I was going to be a daily blogger. Three months later I am logging into my blog for the first time. Perhaps the fact that I have 7 children well documents my “do it big or not at all” trend. When I first married this was something my husband Donald had to get used to. I am of the school of thought of…”If I’m going to have 8 friends over for dinner, I might as well have 50.” Thank God this wonderful man has enthusiastically adjusted and now looks forward to these crazy events. This summer we hosted one that was extraordinary. Our “emergency party” to raise funds for water for Marsabit county, did amazing things which I look forward to writing about from Africa in a few weeks.

Our summer was a lot like this whole crazy let’s do this really big and then go home and take a nap and do it really big again.

I can not wait to see what fall brings!

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