Dinner at The Pink


Today was a long day.  I needed to head north a couple hours to pick up something for an up coming trip to LA and I had a long board meeting conference call this afternoon. It wasn't a bad day, just a long day of "getting stuff done".  

During my two hour drive home this afternoon I called my husband Don and announced that I wanted to go out to one of our favorite restaurants this evening. Thankfully this suggestion was met with great enthusiasm. So off we went around 7:30 to "The Pink".  Every town has a place like this.  You know, that favorite spot where you can either dress up or dress down, where you are bound to run into friends and occasionally run into a long lost pal.

We chose to avoid the wait to sit outside on the patio and happily sat inside.  My husband asked me to sit in the seat which faced the TV because he didn't want to see any of the hockey game until he got home and could watch it in full "on demand". Happily, I sat in the better seat which happened to be facing the door. 

At one point I looked up and saw a group come in. The woman looked strikingly familiar. I kept looking and kept looking. I realized this woman looked very, very, VERY much like a friend of my brother and sister-in-laws from Lyme, Ct.. This gal named Jane, is one of my favorites and I love talking to her at all their parties. Although I haven't seen her in a couple of years, when I have run into her we gab about antiques, gardening, and crafty things.  I begin to be convinced that this woman walking in the Pink is Jane. 

So I start texted my brother and sister-in-law about this.  They are not in the same place right now because they have a brand new granddaughter and my sister-in-law is in Baltimore helping out with the grandchildren. I start asking them if their friend could be in Boca Grande. I start telling them that someone who looks just like their friend is in the Pink. They tell me she only goes to Maine. They tell me they don't think it's her. 

I'm convinced.

So I start sneaking photos of her.

My husband is....mortified.   M O R T I F I E D.

I think I'm sneaky. And smart.

and I send them to my brother and sister-in-law.

And my brother says "that's her!!" My sister-in-law adds "certainly looks like her!"

Our meal is over. And I decide I must go say hi to the woman who I love talking to when visiting Lyme. And I saddle up to the table. And smile a big smile and say "you are Jane, aren't you?"


Thank god, this lovely woman had a good laugh when I told her I'd snuck a photo and my brother confirmed that she was indeed his friend. Good thing she wasn't completely creeped out, because she lives on the tiny island too! 

Note to self: eat your dinner, focus 100% on your husband, and avoid looking at the other guests.


Tricia Heaton