After months of scouring the internet and searching, searching, searching for a rescue dog to fit our family, I found the perfect one by accident. 


I had planned on driving to New Jersey to pick up a nine year old Cocker rescue when I got cold feet. It just didn’t seem like the right fit. At midnight on that Friday night, I found a great lead on another dog and drove an hour and a half the next morning to find her at a rescue event. But I found a different her.


When I walked into the dog adoption event the dog I was very interested in was not there that week. I took a deep breath and decided to look in the other cages. Sound asleep in one of the first crates was this girl. When they took her out she was TERRIFIED. Cowering and fearful, my girl was devestated by being in the giant pet store, with all the noise and barking. She’d just arrived from a long long drive two days before. She peed all over the floor and looked at me with pleading eyes. I ran out to my car and grabbed my Finn. When I brought him over she stood up and brightened up and wagged her tail. I knew I had to take her home. I couldn’t possibly leave her there. But I had to, I secured her adoption, but she had to return to the shelter to be spayed.


When I went to the shelter to get her, she peed again and cowered. The vet tech told me she had come from a home, and all this shelter stuff was freaking her out.  


This girl walked in our home and came to life. She is 100% housebroken, sits on command, and loves with all her heart. She has absolutely no idea what the word “no”means, and she knows the sound of a bag of dog treats being opened. Someone loved this sweet girl before we found her. 


Daisy operates in 3 modes.... 



2. Sleepy -can’t keep her eyes open

3. And PET ME!!!!!!! 


Most of the day is spent moving a dog that goes floppy when she doesn’t want to be moved and in PET ME!!!!! Mode.


Did I mention that she can’t tell time and sometime floppy and PET ME!!! Happens at 3 a.m..  


We’ve been rescued. And Finn once again has a very best friend. 





Tricia Heaton