Island supply clerk - Where is Klinger when I need him?


Our little island has a hardware store, a small grocery store, and a few small nice clothing boutiques. You could easily buy a bathing suit, an outfit to wear to a wedding, or a bottle of wine. There is a LOT you can not get here and thus I have become the Chief Island Supply Clerk for our family.

Things I have learned and tell our guests:

1. Don't forget your underwear.  If you don't wear underwear, don't tell me but you are not borrowing mine.

2. Bring books you want to read or have a kindle app at the ready. There are no books to be had here. You may take and keep any of the books off of my "already read" shelf in the guest room. "Paws off" the others as my sister Puddy would say. They are mine!

3.  Don't bother trying to bring toiletries. Come with a carry-on. This family of nine has cabinets filled with extra shampoo, toothpaste, and sunblock. I've got you covered with a toothbrush. I have a box of all the over-the-counter medications I could think of. We have Star Wars, Ninja Turtle, and Frozen bandaids to last us for years. There is no pharmacy, so bring meds if you need them.

4. Arrive with a full tank of gas. There is none here. We will probably want you to leave at some point.

5.  There is no uber. There is no taxi. There are golf cars. The airport is an hour and a half away.  Happy to help with flight transportation but that means no 6 am flights for you. 

6. There are no starbucks, great coffee, or favorite teas on the island. Use that room you saved on toiletries to bring your favorite caffeine products.

7. Anyone who shows up on island with a People magazine wins a piece of coconut cream pie.

Tricia Heaton