Donald and Tricia on Lake Michigan 2016

Donald and Tricia on Lake Michigan 2016

I’m a needlepointing, party throwing, traveling bookworm. An eternal optimist who sees beauty in everything, I most often have a camera in hand.  A love of all things home related began as a small girl who was obsessed with the set of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood of Make-Believe and a beloved custom dollhouse inherited from my mother. As the youngest child in a family of sailors, I grew adept at bringing toys and books with me for long hours of sailing on Long Island sound on our family boat, Chocorua. 

Both my paternal grandmother and my mother were needlepointers and I enthusiastically learned to stitch by the time I was six. As a teenager I finished my grandmother's projects for her when she could no longer see the canvas clearly. As a college student I majored in Fine Art at St. Lawrence University. I went on to become a Special Education teacher and I have two master’s degrees in Education.  I take great satisfaction in creating, completing, and giving gifts of needlepoint. For decades I have carried a plethora of projects in my purse for any moments of waiting - carpool lines, basketball game half times, and board meetings. As a mother with a large family (my husband and I have seven children), I found that needlepoint gave me a sense of accomplishment while in the magically chaotic cycle of diapers, nap times, and feedings. 

My great love of travel impacts and is impacted by my needlepoint...addiction. I find myself planning projects to bring on trips, constantly hunting for new projects, and visiting beloved shops around the country. I often stitch the names of the locations where I made particular projects into the design. I visit textile museums wherever I go. And thus,  I decided to create a line of canvases for stitchers with sophisticated taste.

Tricia Heaton Designs and our chic contemporary needlepoint canvases are a dream come true!